Publications 2020

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
LFCR F. Croccolo and H.E. Roman Spreading of infections on random graphs: A percolation-type model for COVID-19 Chaos, Solitons and Fractals / Elsevier
2020 139 110077 A
LFCR S. Castellini, M. Carpineti, F. Croccolo, and A. Vailati Inclined convection in a layer of liquid water with poorly conducting boundaries
Phys. Rev. Research / APS 2020 2 033481 A 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.033481
LFCR A. Vailati, et al. Giant Fluctuations induced by thermal diffusion in complex fluids Microgravity Sci. and Technol. / Springer 2020 1 A
LFCR A. Mialdun, et al. Data quality assessment of Diffusion Coefficient Measurements in ternary miXtures 4 (DCMIX) experiment Acta Astronautica / Elsevier 2020 176 204-215 A
LFCR J.M. Ortiz de Zárate, L. García-Fernández, H. Bataller, and F. Croccolo Non-equilibrium fluctuations in a ternary mixture subjected to a temperature gradient J. Stat. Phys. / Springer 2020 181 43101 A
LIPhy/LRP Thomas Podgorski, Gwennou Coupier, Christophe Minetti Red Blood Cell Dynamics: The Contribution of Microgravity in the BIOMICS Project in "Preparation of Space Experiments", ed. V. Pletser, IntechOpen 2020 20 Chap 10.5772/intechopen.93471
IJLRA M. Nagachi, F. Mitsui, J.-M. Citerne, H. Dutilleul, A. Guibaud, G. Jomaas, G. Legros, N. Hashimoto, O. Fujita Effect of ignition condition on the extinction limit for opposed flame spread over electrical wires in microgravity Fire Technology 2020 56 149-168 A 10.1007/s10694-019-00860-6
IJLRA A. Guibaud, J.-L. Consalvi, J.-M. Orlac’h, J.-M. Citerne, G. Legros Soot production and radiative heat transfer in opposed flame spread over a polyethylene insulated wire in microgravity Fire Technology 2020 56 287-314 A 10.1007/s10694-019-00850-8
IJLRA A. Guibaud, J.-M. Citerne, J.-L. Consalvi, O. Fujita, J.L. Torero, G. Legros Experimental evaluation of flame radiative feedback: methodology and application to opposed flame spread over coated wires in microgravity Fire Technology 2020 56 185-207 A 10.1007/s10694-019-00853-5
IJLRA A. Guibaud, J.-M. Citerne, J.-L. Consalvi, G. Legros On the effects of opposed flow conditions on non-buoyant flames spreading over polyethylene-coated wires - Part I: spread rate and soot production Combustion & Flame 2020 221 168-182 A 10.1016/j.combustflame.2020.07.044
IJLRA A. Guibaud, J.-M. Citerne, J.-L. Consalvi, G. Legros On the effects of opposed flow conditions on non-buoyant flames spreading over polyethylene-coated wires - Part II: soot oxidation quenching and smoke release Combustion & Flame 2020 221 544-551 A 10.1016/j.combustflame.2020.08.038
IJLRA A. Guibaud, J.-L. Consalvi, J.-M. Citerne, G. Legros Pressure Effects on the Soot Production and Radiative Heat Transfer of Non-Buoyant Laminar Diffusion Flames Spreading in Opposed Flow over Insulated Wires Combustion & Flame 2020 222 530-543 A 10.1016/j.combustflame.2020.09.003
IJLRA R. Prud'homme, K. Anani, M.N. Hounkonnou Champ thermique d’une goutte alimentée soumise à des perturbations HF Thermodynamique des interfaces et mécanique des fluides / OpenScience ISTE 2020 4 1-13 A 10.21494/ISTE.OP.2020.0472
IM2NP H. Soltani, G. Reinhart, M.C. Benoudia, F. Ngomesse, M. Zahzouh, H. Nguyen-Thi Impact of growth velocity on grain structure formation during directional solidification of a refined Al-20wt.%Cu alloy Journal of Crystal Growth 2020 548 125819 10.1016/j.jcrysgro.2020.125819
IM2NP F.L. Mota, N. Bergeon, A. Karma, R. Trivedi, J.M. Debierre Oscillatory-nonoscillatory transitions for inclined cellular patterns in three-dimensional directional solidification Physical Review E 2020 102 32803 10.1103/PhysRevE.102.032803
IM2NP Y.Z. Li, N. Mangelinck-Nol, G. Zimmermann, L. Sturz, H. Nguyen-Thi Modification of the microstructure by rotating magnetic field during the solidification of Al-7 wt.% Si alloy under microgravity Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2020 836 155458 Publ 10.1016/j.jallcom.2020.155458
IM2NP J. Pereda, F.L. Mota, J.M. Debierre, B. Billia, R. Trivedi, A. Karma, N. Bergeon Experimental characterization and theoretical analysis of cell tip oscillations in directional solidification Physical Review E 2020 102 32804
Luca Cipelletti, Kirsten Martens, and Laurence Ramos
Microscopic precursors of failure in soft matter
Soft Matter
2020 82 113402
L2C Alessandro Carbonaro, Luca Cipelletti, and Domenico Truzzolillo
Ultralow effective interfacial tension between miscible molecular fluids
2020 74001 8552

ICMCB A. Oprisan, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, and D. Beysens Multiscale empirical mode decomposition of density fluctuation images very near above and below the critical point of SF6 Physica A 2020 in press
ICMCB M. C. Hicks,U. G. Hegde, C. Lecoutre, S. Marre, Y. Garrabos Supercritical water (SCW) investigations in the DECLIC and DECLIC-Evo: Past, present and future Acta Astronautica 2020 176 59-68
ICMCB S. Morais, A. Cario, N. Liu, D. Bernard, C. Lecoutre, Y. Garrabos, A. Ranchou-Peyruse, S. Dupraz, M. Azaroual, R. L. Hartman and S. Marre Studying key processes related to CO2 underground storage at the pore scale using high pressure micromodels Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 2020 5 1156-1185