Publications 2021

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
MSC ICMCBM. Noirhomme, A. Cazaubiel, E. Falcon, D. Fischer, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, S. Mawet, E. Opsomer, F. Palencia, S. Pillitteri, and N. Vandewalle
Particle Dynamics at the Onset of the Granular Gas-Liquid Transition
Physical Review Letters 2021 126 128002 A
LOMC, UMR 6294
Changwoo KANG & Innocent Mutabazi
Columnar vortices induced by dielectrophoretic force in a stationary cylindrical annulus filled wih a dielectric liquid,Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2021 908 A26 A
LOMC, UMR 6294 Elhadj B. Barry, Harunori N. Yoshikawa, Mirelle Tadie Fogaign, Chagwoo Kang, Innocent Mutabazi
Critical modes of thermoelectric convection instabilities in a vertical slot Microgravity Science and Technology 2021 33 16 A
IM2NP Boukellal A.K., M. Rouby, J-M. Debierre Tip dynamics for equiaxed Al-Cu dendrites in thin samples : phase-field study of thermodynamic effects
Computational Materials Science 2021 186 110051 A
IM2NP Hadjer Soltani, Fabiola Ngomesse, Guillaume Reinhart, Mohamed Chérif Benoudia, Moussa Zahzouh, Henri Nguyen-Thi Impact of gravity on directional solidification of refined Al-20wt.%Cu alloy investigated by in situ X-radiography
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2021 862 158028 A
F.L.Mota, J.Pereda, K.Ji, Y.Song, R.Trivedi, A.Karma, N.Bergeon Effect of sub-boundaries on primary spacing dynamics during 3D directional solidification conducted on DECLIC-DSI Acta Materialia
2021 204 116500 A
LaSIE UMR CNRS 7356 H. N.G. Nguyen, C. Zhao, O. Millet, G. Gagneux, P. Selvadurai Effect of surface roughness on properties of capillary bridges Powder Technology
2021 378 487-496