Publications 2019

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
LOMC C. Kang, A. Meyer, H.N. Yoshikawa & I. Mutabazi Numerical study of thermal convection induced by centrifugal buoyancy in a rotating cylindrical annulus Physical Review Fluids 2019 4 43501 A 10.1103/PhysRevFluids.4.043501
LOMC C. Kang & I. Mutabazi Dielectrophoretic buoyancy and heat transfer in a dielectric liquid contained in a cylindrical annular cavity Journal of Applied Physics 2019 125 184902 A 10.1063/1.5086980
LOMC C. Kang, A. Meyer, H.N. Yoshikawa & I. Mutabazi, Thermoelectric convection in a dielectric liquid inside a cylindrical annulus with a solid-body rotation Physical Review Fluids 2019 4 93502 A 10.1103/PhysRevFluids.4.093502
LaSIE Nguyen H.N.G., Millet O., Gagneux G. Liquid bridges between a sphere and a plane - Classification of meniscus profiles for unknown capillary pressure. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 2019 24 1-24 10.1177/1081286519831047
IMFT URBANO A., TANGUY S., COLIN C. Direct numerical simulation of nucleate boiling in zero gravity conditions International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 2019 143 115521
L2C S. Aime, L. Cipelletti Probing shear-induced rearrangements in Fourier space. I. Dynamic light scattering Soft Matter 2019 15 200 10.1039/C8SM01563E
L2C S. Aime, L. Cipelletti Probing shear-induced rearrangements in Fourier space. II. Differential dynamic microscopy
Soft Matter 2019 15 213 10.1039/C8SM01564C

L2C A. Pommella, A.-M. Philippe, T. Phou, L. Ramos, L. Cipelletti Coupling Space-Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering and Rheometry to Investigate Heterogeneous Flow and Nonaffine Dynamics in Glassy and Jammed Soft Matter
Physical Review Applied 2019 11 34073 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.11.034073
L2C A. Carbonaro, L. Cipelletti, D. Truzzolillo Spinning Drop Dynamics in Miscible and Immiscible Environments Langmuir 2019 35 11330 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b02091
I2M D. Sharma, A. Erriguible, G. Gandikota, D. Beysens, S. Amiroudine Vibration-induced thermal instabilities in supercritical fluids in the absence of gravity Phys. Rev. Fluids 2019 4 33401
I2M D. Sharma, S. Amiroudine, A. Erriguible, T. K. Sengupta Error growth and phase lag analysis for high Courant numbers Applied Mathematics and Computation 2019 346 374-384
LPS Orsay Forel, E.; Langevin, D.; Rio, E. Measurement of film permeability in 2D foams. European Physical Journal E 2019 42 75
LPS Orsay Forel, E.; Dollet, B.; Langevin, D.; Rio, E. Coalescence in Two-Dimensional Foams: A Purely Statistical Process Dependent on Film Area. Physical review letters 2019 122 88002
CEA Nekrashevych, I. & Nikolayev, V. S. Pulsating Heat Pipe Simulations: Impact of PHP Orientation Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2019 31 241-248 10.1007/s12217-019-9684-3
LIPhy S. Losserand, G. Coupier, T. Podgorski Migration velocity of red blood cells in microchannels Microvascular Research 2019 124 30-36 A
LIPhy C. Minetti, V. Audemar, T. Podgorski, G. Coupier Dynamics of a large population of red blood cells under shear flow J. Fluid Mech 2019 864 408-448 A
IM2NP Abou-Khalil L., G. Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, M. Garrido, X. Li, Z.M. Ren, G. Reinhart, H. Nguyen-Thi, Y. Fautrelle Investigation of Thermo-Electro-Magnetic force on equiaxed grain motion during upward directional solidification International Journal of Thermal Sciences 2019 145 106047 A
IM2NP Soltani H., G Reinhart, M.C. Benoudia, M. Zahzouh and H. Nguyen-Thi Impact of gravity-related phenomena on the grain structure formation: comparative study between horizontal and vertical solidification of a refined Al-20wt.%Cu alloy IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2019 529 12019
LPENS G. Michel Three-wave interactions among surface gravity waves in a cylindrical container Physical Review Fluids 2019 4 12801
PMC/INSP S. Ghosh, A. Karma, M. Plapp, S. Akamatsu, S. Bottin-Rousseau, G. Faivre Influence of morphological instability on grain boundary trajectory during directional solidification Acta Materialia 2019 175 214-221 A
INPHYNI G.Bossis, Y.Grasselli, A.Meunier, O.Volkova Tunable discontinuous shear thickening with MR suspensions. Journal of intelligent Material Systems and Structures Journal of intelligent Material Systems and Structures 2019 29 43774 A 10.1177/1045389X17704915
INPHYNI G.Bossis, O.Volkova, Y.Grasselli, O.Gueye Discontinuous shear thickening in concentrated suspensions Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 2019 377 42370 A
INPHYNI G.Bossis, O.Volkova, Y.Grasselli,A.Ciffreo The role of volume fraction and additives on the rheology of micron sized iron particles Frontiers in materials 2019 6 1-4 A 10.3389/fmats.2019.00004
LFCR L. García-Fernández, P. Fruton, H. Bataller, J.M. Ortiz de Zárate, and F. Croccolo Coupled non-equilibrium fluctuations in a polymeric ternary mixture Eur. Phys. J. E / Springer 2019 42 124 A
LFCR D. Brogioli, F. Croccolo, and A. Vailati Cylindrical flowing-junction cell for investigating miscible fluids Rev. Sci. Instrum. / AIP 2019 90 85109 A
LFCR A. Mialdun, H. Bataller, M.M. Bou-Ali, M. Braibanti, F. Croccolo, A. Errarte, J.M. Ezquerro, J.J. Fernández, Y. Gaponenko, L. García-Fernández, J. Rodríguez, and V. Shevtsova Preliminary analysis of Diffusion Coefficient Measurements in ternary mIXtures 4 (DCMIX4) experiment on-board the International Space Station Eur. Phys. J. E / Springer 2019 42 87 A
LFCR M. Braibanti, P.-A. Artola, P. Baaske, H. Bataller, J.-P. Bazile, M.M. Bou-Ali, D.S. Cannell, M. Carpineti, R. Cerbino, F. Croccolo, J. Diaz, A. Donev, A. Errarte, J.M. Ezquerro, A. Frutos-Pastor, Q. Galand, G. Galliero, Y. Gaponenko, L. García-Fernández, European Space Agency experiments on thermodiffusion of fluid mixtures in space Eur. Phys. J. E / Springer 2019 42 86 A
LFCR D. Brogioli, F. Croccolo, and A. Vailati Asymmetric time cross-correlation of non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations in a ternary liquid mixture Phys. Rev. E / APS 2019 99 53115 A
LFCR M. Carpineti, M. Sabato, F. Croccolo and A. Vailati
Kinetics of growth of non-equilibrium fluctuations during thermodiffusion in a polymer solution
Eur. Phys. J. E / Springer 2019 42 25 A
LFCR F. Croccolo, L. Garcia-Fernández, H. Bataller, A. Vailati and J.M. Ortiz de Zárate
Propagating modes in a binary liquid mixture under thermal stress Phys. Rev. E / APS 2019 99 012602 A