Publications 2018

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
LFCR T. Lyubimova, V. Shevtsova and F. Croccolo Topical issue on on Non-equilibrium processes in multicomponent and multiphase mediaEur. Phys. J. E / Springer 2018 41 122 A
LFCR F. Croccolo, S. Castellini, F. Scheffold and A. Vailati Nonequilibrium solid-solid phase transition in a lattice of liquid jetsPhys. Rev. E / APS 2018 98 063104 A
LFCR T. Triller, H. Bataller, M.M. Bou-Ali, M. Braibanti, F. Croccolo, J.M. Ezquerro, Q. Galand, J. Gavaldá, E. Lapeira, A. Laverón-Simavilla, T. Lyubimova, A. Mialdun, J.M. Ortiz de Zárate, J. Rodríguez, X. Ruiz, I.I. Ryzhkov, V. Shevtsova, S. Van Vaerenbergh and W. Köhler Thermodiffusion in ternary mixtures of water/ethanol/triethylene glycol: first report on the DCMIX3- experiments Microgravity Sci. and Technol. 2018 30 295
LOMC F. Zaussinger, P. Haun, M. Neben, T. Seelig, V. Travnikov, C. Egbers, I. Mutabazi & H. Yoshikawa, Dielectrically driven convection in spherical gap geometry, Phys. Rev. Fluids 2018 3 093501 A
ICMCB F. Zhang, A. Erriguible, T. Gavoille, M. T. Timko, and S. Marre Inertia-driven jetting regimes in microfluidic coflows Physical Review Fluids 2018 3 092201 (R) 10.1103/PhysRevFluids.3.092201
ICMCB C. Lecoutre, S. Marre, Y. Garrabos, D. Beysens, and I. Hahn
Near-critical density filling of the SF6 fluid cell for the ALI-R-DECLIC experiment in weightlessness
Acta Astronautica
2018 146 Acta Astronautica 10.1016/j.actaastro.2018.03.004
ICMCB Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre, S. Marre, D. Beysens, and I. Hahn Liquid-vapor rectilinear diameter revisited Physical Review E 2018 97 020101 (R) 10.1103/PhysRevE.97.020101
LPS Yazhgur, P., Vierros, S., Hannoy, D., Sammalkorpi, M. Salonen, A. Langmuir
Surfactant interactions and organisation at the gas-water interface (CTAB with added salt)
2018 33 7305-73011 A 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03560
MSC/LPS M. Berhanu, E. Falcon & S. Fauve
Wave turbulence in microgravity
Report to COSPAR (World Committee for Space Research), 42th Scientific Assembly, Pasasena, USA, CNES Ed.
2018 2 66-67
M. Noirhomme, A. Cazaubiel, A. Darras, E. Falcon, D. Fischer, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, S. Merminod, E. Opsomer, F. Palencia, J. Schockmel, R. Stannarius & N. Vandewalle
Threshold of gas-like to clustering transition in driven granular media in low-gravity environment
EPL (Europhysics Letters)
2018 123 14003
S. Aumaître, R. P. Behringer, A. Cazaubiel, E. Clément, J. Crassous, D. J. Durian, E. Falcon, S. Fauve, D. Fischer, A. Garcimartin, Y. Garrabos, M. Hou, X. Jia, C. Lecoutre, S. Luding, D. Mazza, M. Noirhomme, E. Opsomer, F. Palencia, T. Pöschel, J. SchocAn instrument for studying granular media in low-gravity environmentReview of Scientific Instruments201889075103
IMRCPF. Wodlei, J. Sebilleau, J. Magnaudet & V. PimientaMarangoni-driven flower-like patterning of an evaporating drop spreading on a liquid substrateNature Communications20189:8201-12Article
IMRCPV. PIMIENTA, A. STOCCO, F. WODLEIa et C. ANTOINECoupled Convective Instabilities: Autonomous Motion and Deformation of an Oil Drop on a Liquid SurfaceThe Royal Society of Chemistry2018Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series No. 1463-89Chapitre de livre
CEA Fourgeaud, L., Ercolani, E., Duplat, J., Gully, P. & Nikolayev, V. S.
3D reconstruction of dynamic liquid film shape by optical grid deflection method
Eur. Phys. J. E
2018 41 5

CEA Marengo, M. & Nikolayev, V. Pulsating Heat Pipes: Experimental Analysis, Design and Applications Encyclopedia of Two-Phase Heat Transfer and Flow IV, Thome, J. R. (ed.), World Scientific 2018 vol. 1, Modeling of Two-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer 1-62
CEA Nikolayev, V. & Marengo, M.
Pulsating Heat Pipes: Basics of Functioning and Numerical Modeling Encyclopedia of Two-Phase Heat Transfer and Flow IV, Thome, J. R. (ed.), World Scientific 2018 vol. 1, Modeling of Two-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer 63-139
ICARE Renoux G., Halter F., Chauveau C. Experimental study of the morphology of two-phase flame instabilities in microgravity ICLASS 2018, 14th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray System 2018 1-8 Actes de colloque avec comité de Lecture
IUSTI D. Brutin and V. Starov Recent advances in droplet wetting and evaporation Chem. Soc. Rev. 2018 47 558-585 Review