Publications 2015

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
IUSTI D. Brutin Droplet Wetting and Evaporation : from pure to complex fluids Elsevier 2015 - - O
LPS S. Gauchet, M. Durand, D. Langevin Foam drainage. Possible influence of a non-newtonian surface shear viscosity Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015 449 373-376 A10.1016/j.jcis.2014.12.060
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LOMC V. Travnikov, O. Crumeyrolle & I. Mutabazi Numerical investigation of the heat transfer in cylindrical annulus with a dielectric fluid under microgravity Phys. Fluids 2015 27 pp 054103 A
LOMC H. N. Yoshikawa,A. Meyer, O. Crumeyrolle, and I. Mutabazi Linear stability of a circular Couette flow under a radial thermoelectric body force, Phys. Rev. E 2015 91 pp 033003 A
LPS F. Pétrélis, C. Laroche, B. Gallet, S. Fauve Drifting patterns as field reversals Europhys. Lett. 2015 112 54007 A
PMMH/ICMB Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre, S. Marre, R. Guillaument, D. Beysens, I. Hahn Crossover Equation of State Models Applied to the Critical Behavior of Xenon Journal of Statistical Physics 2015 158 1379-1412 A
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PMMH G. Gandikota, G. Pichavant, D. Chatain, S. Amiroudine & D. Beysens Geyser Formation in Oxygen when Subjected to fast Acceleration Changes Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2015 27 115-127 A
PMMH T. Charignon, P. Lloveras, D. Chatain, L. Truskinovsky, E. Vives, D. Beysens, and V. S. Nikolayev Criticality in the slowed-down boiling crisis at zero gravity Phys. Rev. E 2015 91 053007 A
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PMMH/ICMB V. Nikolayev, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre, T. Charignon, D. Hitz, D. Chatain, R. Guillaument, S. Marre, D. Beysens, V. NIKOLAYEV Boiling crisis dynamics: Low gravity experiment at high pressure Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2015 27 253-260 A
PMMH B. Zappoli, D. Beysens, Y. Garrabos Heat Transfer and Related Phenomena in Supercritical Fluids Springer-Verlag 2015 - - O
IMFT Narcy M., COLIN C. Two-phase pipe flowin microgravity with and without phase change: recent progress and future prospects Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer 2015 3 1-17 A
Pprime H. Y. Wang and T. Herviou Mathematical Modelling on Chemically Reacting Boundary type flow under reduced gravity conditions J. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 2015 574 12010 A
IM2NP D.Tourret, Y.Song, J.M.Debierre, F.L.Mota, N.Bergeon, R.Guerin, R.Trivedi, B. Billia, A.Karma Oscillatory cellular patterns in three-dimensional directional solidification Phys. Rev. E 2015 92 042401 A
IM2NP F.L.Mota, N.Bergeon, D.Tourret, A.Karma, R.Trivedi, B.Billia Initial transient behavior in directional solidification of a bulk
transparent model alloy in a cylinder
Acta Materialia 2015 85 362-377 A
IM2NP Liu, D. R., Mangelinck-Noel, N., Gandin, C. A., Zimmermann, G., Sturz, L., Nguyen-Thi, H., & Billia, B. Simulation of directional solidification of refined Al-7 wt.%Si alloys - Comparison with benchmark microgravity experiments. Acta Materialia 2015 93 24-37 A
IM2NP Mota F.L., N. Bergeon, D. Tourret, A. Karma, R. Trivedi, B. Billia. Initial transient behaviour in directional solidification of a bulk transparent model alloy in a cylinder. Acta Materialia 2015 85 362-377 A
IM2NP Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G., Wang, J., Abou-Khalil, L., Reinhart, G., Ren, Z., Mangelinck-Noel, N., Nguyen-Thi, H. Motion of equiaxed grains during directional solidification under static magnetic field. J. Crystal Growth 2015 417 25-30 A
IM2NP Tourret D., J.-M. Debierre, Y. Song, F.L. Mota, N. Bergeon, R. Guérin, R. Trivedi, B. Billia, A. Karma Oscillatory cellular patterns in three-dimensional directional solidification Phys. Rev. E 2015 92 042401 A
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IJLRA G. Legros, Q. Wang, J. Bonnety, M. Kashif, C. Morin, J.-L. Consalvi, and F. Liu Simultaneous soot temperature and volume fraction measurements in axis-symmetric flames by a two-dimensional modulated absorption/emission technique Combustion & Flame 2015 162 2705–2719 A
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NAVIER Y. Khidas, B. Haffner, O. Pitois Critical size effect of particles reinforcing foamed composite materials Combustion Science and Technology 2015 119 62-67 A
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