Publications 2014

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IM2NP X. Li, A. Gagnoud, J. Wang, X. Li, Y. Fautrelle, Z. Ren, X. Lu, G. Reinhart, H. Nguyen-Thi Effect of a high magnetic field on the microstructures in directionally solidified Zn-Cu peritectic alloys Acta Materialia 2014 73 83-86
IM2NP Y. Chen, B. Billia, D.Z. Li, H. Nguyen-Thi, N.M. Xiao, A. Bogno Tip-splitting instability and transition to seaweed growth during alloy solidification in anisotropically preferred growth direction Acta Materialia 2014 66 219
IM2NP Y. Chen, D.Z Li, B. Billia, H. Nguyen-Thi, X.B. Qi, N.M. Xiao Quantitative Phase-field Simulation of Dendritic Equiaxed Growth and Comparison with in Situ Observation on Al-4 wt.% Cu Alloy by Means of Synchrotron X-ray Radiography ISIJ International 2014 54 445-451
IM2NP X. Li, Y. Fautrelle, A. Gagnoud, D. Du, J. Wang, Z. Ren, H. Nguyen-Thi, N. Mangelinck-Noel Effect of a weak transverse magnetic field on solidification structure during directional solidification Acta Materialia 2014 64 367
IM2NP L.Hachani, J.Wang, I. Kaldre, G. Salloum Abou-Jaoude, O. Budenkova, G. Reinhart, K. Zaidat, N. Mangelinck, X. Li, H. Nguyen-Thi, A. Bojarevics, Z.-M.Ren, L. Buligins, Y. Fautrelle Magnetic Fields, Convection and Solidification Materials Science Forum 2014 790-791 375-383
LPS A. Maestro, E. Rio, W. Drenckhan, D. Langevin, A. Salonen Foams stabilised by mixtures of nanoparticles and oppositely charged surfactants: relationship between bubble shrinkage and foam coarsening Soft Matter 2014 36 6975-6983 A10.1039/c4sm00047a
IUSTI M. Hadj-Achour, D. Brutin Fractal pattern formation in nano-suspension sessile droplets via evaporation-spreading on a glass substrate Colloid Interf. Sci. Comm. 2014 1 43-46 A
M2P2 C. Nicoli, B. Denet, P. Haldenwang Lean flame dynamics through a 2D lattice of alkane droplets in air Combust. Sci. and Tech 2014 186 103-119 A
LOMC M. Tadie Fogaing, H.N. Yoshikawa, O. Crumeyrolle, I. Mutabazi Heat transfer in the thermo-electro-hydrodynamic convection under microgravity conditions Eur. Phys. J. E 2014 37 35 A
IMRCP V. Pimienta and C. Antoine Self-propulsion on liquid surfaces Curr. Opin. Colloid Interface Sci. 2014 19 290-299 A
LPS B. Miquel, A. Alexakis, N. Mordant Role of dissipation in flexural wave turbulence Phys. Rev. E 2014 89 62925 A
IRDL Ph. Mandin, Z. Derhoumi, H. Roustan, and R. Wuthrich Bubble Over-Potential During Two-Phase Alkaline Water Electrolysis Electrochimica Acta 2014 128 248-258 A
PMMH T. Lyubimova, D. Beysens, G. Gandikota, S. Amiroudine Vibration Effect on a Thermal Front Propagation in a Square Cavity Filled with Incompressible Fluid Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2014 A
PMMH G. Gandikota, D .Chatain, S. Amiroudine, T. Lyubimova, D. Beysens Frozen wave instability in near critical hydrogen subjected to horizontal vibration under various gravity fields Phys. Rev. E 2014 89 012309 A
PMMH G. Gandikota, D. Chatain, S. Amiroudine, T. Lyubimova, and D. Beysens Faraday instability in a near-critical fluid under weightlessness Phys. Rev. E 2014 89 013022 A
PMMH/ICMB C. Lecoutre, Y. Garrabos, D. Beysens, V. Nikolayev, Inseob Hahn Boiling phenomena in near-critical SF6 observed in weightlessness Acta Asronautica J. 2014 100 22-29 A
PMMH G. Gandikota, D. Chatain, T. Lyubimova, and D. Beysens Dynamic equilibrium under vibrations of H2 liquid-vapor interface at various g-levels Phys. Rev. E 2014 89 063003 A
PMMH D. Beysens Critical point in space: a quest for universality Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2014 4 201-218 A
PMMH/ICMB J. J. Hegseth, A. Oprisan, Y. Garrabos, D. Beysens Imaging critical fluctuations of pure fluids and binary mixtures Phys. Rev. E 2014 90 022127 A
PMMH/ICMB A. Oprisan, S. A. Oprisan, J. J. Hegseth, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, D. Beysens Dimple coalescence and liquid droplets distributions during phase separation in a pure fluid under microgravity Eur. Phys. J. E 2014 37 1-10 A
ICMCB Le Neindre B., Garrabos Y., Nikravech M. Measurements of the thermal conductivity of propane in the supercritical region J. Chem. & Eng. Data 2014 59 (11) 3422-3433
IMFT NARCY M., DE MALMAZET E., COLIN C Flow boiling in tube under normal gravity and microgravity conditions Int. J. of Multiphase Flows 2014 60 50-63 A
IMFT Tanguy S., Sagan M. , Lalanne B., Couderc F., COLIN C. Benchmarks and numerical methods for the simulation of boiling flows J. Comp. Phys. 2014 264 1–22 A
IM2NP Liu, D. R., Mangelinck-Noel, N., Gandin, C. A., Zimmermann, G., Sturz, L., Thi, H. N., & Billia, B Structures in directionally solidified Al-7 wt.% Si alloys: Benchmark experiments under microgravity Acta Materialia 2014 64 253-265 A
IM2NP Liu, D. R., Reinhart, G., Mangelinck-Noel, N., Gandin, C.-A., Nguyen-Thi, H., & Billia, B Coupled Cellular Automaton (CA) - Finite Element (FE) Modeling of Directional Solidification of Al-3.5 wt% Ni Alloy: A Comparison with X-ray Synchrotron Observations ISIJ International 2014 54 392-400 A
IM2NP Nguyen-Thi H., J. Wang, G. Salloum Abou Jaoude, G. Reinhart, I. Kaldre, N. Mangelinck, Z.M. Ren, L. Buligins, A. Bojarevics, Y. Fautrelle, O. Budenkova, and T. Lafford In-situ and real-time analysis of TEM forces induced by a permanent magnetic field during solidification of Al-4wt%Cu Material Science Forum 2014 790-791 420-425 A
IM2NP Nguyen-Thi, H., Reinhart, G., Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G., Browne, D. J., Murphy, A. G., Houltz, Y., Zimmermann, G XRMON-GF Experiments Devoted to the in Situ X-ray Radiographic Observation of Growth Process in Microgravity Conditions Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2014 26 37-50 A
IM2NP Reinhart G, H. Nguyen-Thi, B. Sarpi, A.-A. Bogno, B. Billia In situ investigation of grain migration by TGZM during solidification in a temperature gradient Material Science Forum 2014 790-791 323-328 A
IM2NP Reinhart, G., Nguyen-Thi, H., Mangelinck-Noel, N., Baruchel, J., & Billia, B. In Situ Investigation of Dendrite Deformation During Upward Solidification of Al-7wt.%Si Journal of Metals 2014 66 1408-1414 A
IM2NP Salloum-Abou-Jaoude G, H. Nguyen-Thi, G. Reinhart, R.H. Mathiesen, G. Zimmermann, D. Voss Characterization of motion of dendrite fragment by X-ray radiography on Earth and under microgravity environment Material Science Forum 2014 790-791 311-316 A
IM2NP Wang, J., Fautrelle, Y., Ren, Z. M., Nguyen-Thi, H., Abou Jaoude, G. S., Reinhart, G., Mangelinck-Noel, N., Li, X., Kaldre, I. Thermoelectric magnetic flows in melt during directional solidification Applied Physics Letters 2014 104 121916 A
IM2NP Zimmermann G, L. Sturz, B. Billia, N. Mangelinck-Noël, D.R. Liu, H. Nguyen-Thi, N. Bergeon, Ch.-A. Gandin, D.J. Browne, Ch. Beckermann, D. Tourret, A. Karma Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in Solidification Processing of AlSi7 alloys in Microgravity – The CETSOL project Material Science Forum 2014 790-791 44531 A
I2M S. Amiroudine, J.P. Caltagirone, A. Erriguible A Lagrangian–Eulerian compressible model for the trans-critical path of near-critical fluids Int. J. of Multiphase Flows 2014 59 15–23 A
I2M G. Gandikota, D. Chatain, S. Amiroudine, T. Lyubimova, and D. Beysens Faraday instability in a near-critical fluid under weightlessness Phys. Rev. E 2014 89 013022 A
I2M G. Gandikota, D. Chatain, S. Amiroudine, T. Lyubimova, and D. Beysens Frozen-wave instability in near-critical hydrogen subjected to horizontal vibration under various gravity fields Phys. Rev. E 2014 89 012309 A
I2M T. Lyubimova, D. Beysens, G. Gandikota and S. Amiroudine vibration effect on a thermal front propagation in a square cavity filled with incompressible fluid Microgravity Sci. Technol. 2014 26 51-56 A
MADIREL Lekhlifi, A., Ouazzani, J., Antoni, M. Drainage of water droplets in a bounded paraffin oil continuous phase: role of temperature, size and boundary walls Colloids and Surfaces A 2014 460 342-350 A
MADIREL Schmitt, M., Limage, S., Grigoriev, D. O., Krägel, J., Dutschk, V., Vincent-Bonnieu, S., Miller, R., Antoni, M. Transition from Spherical to Irregular Dispersed Phase in Water/Oil Emulsions Langmuir 2014 30 4599-4604 A
NAVIER F. Rouyer, B. Haffner, N. Louvet, Y. Khidas, O. Pitois Foam clogging Soft Matter 2014 10 6990-6998 A
NAVIER L. Ducloue, O. Pitois, J. Goyon, X. Chateau, G. Ovarlez Coupling of elasticity to capillarity in soft aerated materials Soft Matter 2014 10 5093-5098 A
NAVIER Y. Khidas, B. Haffner, O. Pitois Capture-induced transition in foamy suspensions Soft Matter 2014 10 4137-4141 A
NAVIER Y. Khidas, B. Haffner, O. Pitois Flow and jamming of granular suspensions in foams Soft Matter 2014 10 3277-3283 A
IRPHE/M2P2 G. Boedec, M. Jaeger, M. Leonetti Pearling instability of a cylindrical vesicle J. Fluid Mech. 2014 743 262-279 A
IRPHE/M2P2 C. de Loubens, J. Deschamps, M. Georgelin, A. Charrier, F. Edwards-Lévy, M. Leonetti Mechanical characterization of cross-linked serum albumin microcapsules Soft Matter 2014 10 4561-4568 A
PMC Y. Ma, M. Plapp Phase-field simulations and geometrical characterization of cellular solidification fronts J. Crystal Growth 2014 385 140-147 A
SIMAP C. Stelian, T. Duffar Numerical modeling of CdTe crystallization from Te solution under terrestrial and microgravity conditions” J. Crystal Growth 2014 400 67-75 A
LPSolide L. Saulnier, L. Champougny, G. Bastien, F. Restagno, D. Langevin, E. Rio A study of generation and rupture of soap films Soft Matter 2014 10 2899 A
LPSolide H. Caps, G. Delon, N. Vandewalle, R.M. Guillermic, O. Pitois, A.L. Biance, L.Saulnier, P.Yazhgur, E.Rio, A.Salonen, D.Langevin Does water foam exist in microgravity? EuroPhysics News 2014 45 22 A
LPSolide H. Caps, N. Vandewalle, A. Saint-Jalmes, L.Saulnier, P.Yazhgur, E.Rio, A.Salonen, D.Langevin How foams unstable on Earth behave in microgravity? Colloids and Surfaces A 2014 457 392 A
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