Publications 2012

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
IM2NP G. Reinhart, C. A. Gandin, N. Mangelinck-Noel, H. Nguyen-Thi, B. Billia, J. Baruchel Direct simulation of a directional solidification experiment observed in situ and real-time using X-ray imaging IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2012 33 12077
IM2NP Y. Chen, A. Bogno, N.M. Xiao, B.Billia, X.H. Kang, H. Nguyen-Thi, X.H. Luo, D.Z. Li Quantitatively comparing phase-field modeling with direct real time observation by synchrotron X-ray radiography of the initial transient during directional solidification of an Al–Cu alloy Acta Materialia 2012 60 199-207
IM2NP Y. Chen, H. Nguyen-Thi, D.Z. Li, A. Bogno, B. Billia, N.M. Xiao Influence of natural convection on microstructure evolution during the initial solidification transient: comparison of phase-field modeling with in situ synchrotron X-ray monitoring data IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2012 33 12102
IUSTI B. Sobac, D. Brutin Thermocapillary instabilities in an evaporating drop deposited onto a heated substrate Phys. Fluids 2012 24 1-16 A
LOMC S. Malik, H. Yoshikawa, O. Crumeyrolle, I. Mutabazi Thermo-electrohydrodynamic instabilities in a dielectric liquid in microgravity Acta Asronautica J. 2012 81 563-569 A
IMRCP K. Eckert, M. Acker, R. Tadmouri, and V. Pimienta Chemo-Marangoni convection driven by an interfacial reaction: pattern formation and kinetics Chaos 2012 22 37112 A
IMRCP N. M. Kovalchuk, V. Pimienta, R. Tadmouri, R. Miller, and D. Vollhardt Ionic Strength and pH as Control Parameters for Spontaneous Surface Oscillations Langmuir 2012 28 6893-6901 A
PMMH/ICMB A. Oprisan, S. A. Oprisan, B. Bayley, J. J. Hegseth, Y. Garrabos, C. Lecoutre-Chabot, D. Beysens Dynamic structure factor of density fluctuations from direct imaging very near (both above and below) the critical point of SF6 Phys. Rev. E 2012 86 061501 A
IMFT Van der GELD C.W.M., COLIN C., SEGERS Q.I.E., PEREIRA DA ROSA V. H., YOSHIKAWA H.N. Forces on a boiling bubble in a developing boundary layer, in microgravity with g-jitter and in terrestrial conditions Phys. Fluids 2012 24 82104 A
IMFT COLIN C., FABRE J. KAMP A Turbulent bubbly flow in a pipe under gravity and microgravity conditions J. Fluid Mech. 2012 711 469-515 A
IM2NP Ludwig, A., J. Mogeritsch, M. Kolbe, G. Zimmermann, L. Sturz, N. Bergeon, B. Billia, G. Faivre, S. Akamatsu, S. Bottin-Rousseau and D. Voss Advanced Solidification Studies on Transparent Alloy Systems: A New European Solidification Insert for Material Science Glovebox on Board the International Space Station Journal of Microscopy 2012 64 1097-1101 A
IM2NP Mathiesen, R. H., L. Arnberg, H. Nguyen-Thi and B. Billia In Situ X-Ray Video Microscopy as a Tool in Solidification Science Journal of Metals 2012 64 76-82 A
IM2NP Nguyen-Thi, H., L. Salvo, R. H. Mathiesen, L. Arnberg, B. Billia, M. Suery and G. Reinhart On the interest of synchrotron X-ray imaging for the study of solidification in metallic alloys Comptes Rendu Phys. 2012 13 237-245 A
IM2NP Wang, J., Y. Fautrelle, Z. M. Ren, X. Li, H. Nguyen-Thi, N. Mangelinck-Noel, G. Salloum Abou Jaoude, Y. B. Zhong, I. Kaldre, A. Bojarevics, and L. Buligins Thermoelectric magnetic force acting on the solid during directional solidification under a static magnetic field Applied Physics Letters 2012 101 251904 A
I2M S. Amiroudine, F.Zoueshtiagh, R.Narayanan Mixing generated by Faraday instability between miscible liquids Phys. Rev. E 2012 85 016326 A
I2M F. Zoueshtiagh, R. Narayanan, S. Amiroudine The Faraday instability in inhomogeneous fluids J. Jpn. Soc. Microgravity Appl. 2012 29 61 A
SIMAP R. K. WUNDERLICH, H. -J. FECHT, I. EGRY, J. ETAY, L. BATTEZZATI, E. RICCI, T. MATSUSHITA & S. SEETHARAMAN Thermophysical Properties of a Fe- Cr- Mo Alloy in the Solid and Liquid Phase DOI: 10.1002/srin.201100156 Steel Research International 2012 83 43-54 A
NAVIER E. Lorenceau, N. Louvet, F. Rouyer, O. Pitois Permeability of aqueous foams (erratum) Eur. Phys. J. E 2012 35 16 A
NAVIER F. Carn, A. Colin, O. Pitois, R. Backov Foam drainage study during plateau border mineralization Soft Matter 2012 8 61-65 A
ICARE Saharin S., Lefort B., Morin C., Chauveau C., Le Moyne L. and Kafafy R. Vaporization characteristics of ethanol and 1-propanol droplets at high temperatures Atomization and Sprays 2012 22 207-226 A
IRPHE/M2P2 G. Boedec, M. Jaeger, M. Leonetti Settling of a vesicle in the limit of quasispherical shapes J. Fluid Mech. 2012 690 227-261 A
SIMAP S. Balint, S. Epure, T. Duffar, L. Braescu “Dewetted Bridgman crystal growth in terrestrial conditions: practical stability over a bounded time period in a forced regime” J. Eng. Math. 2012 75 191,208 A
SIMAP S. Epure, T. Duffar “Analysis of the practical stability of dewetted Bridgman growth of GaAs” J. Crystal Growth 2012 360 25-29 A
LPSolide A. Salonen, R. Lhermerout, E. Rio, D. Langevin, A. Saint-Jalmes Dual gas and oil dispersions in water: production and stability of foamulsion Soft Matter 2012 8 699 A
CEA Janecek, V. and Nikolayev, V.S. Contact line singularity at partial wetting during evaporation driven by substrate heating Europhys. Lett. 2012 100 14003 A
CEA Nikolayev, V.S. and Janecek, V. Impact of the apparent contact angle on the bubble departure at boiling Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 2012 55 7352 - 7354 A
INSP S. Akamatsu, S. Bottin-Rousseau, M. Serefoglu, G. Faivre A theory of thin lamellar eutectic growth with anisotropic interphase boundaries Acta Materialia 2012 60 3199-3205 A
INSP S. Akamatsu, S. Bottin-Rousseau, M. Serefoglu, G. Faivre Lamellar eutectic growth with anisotropic interphase boundaries: Experimental study using the rotating directional solidification method Acta Materialia 2012 60 3206-3214 A
INSP A. Ludwig, J. Mogeritsch, M. Kolbe, G. Zimmermann, L. Sturz, N. Bergeon, B. Billia, G. Faivre, S. Akamatsu, S. Bottin-Rousseau, D. Voss Advanced Solidification Studies on Transparent Alloy Systems: A New European Solidification Insert for Material Science Glovebox on Board the International Space Station Journal of Metals 2012 64 1097-1101 A
LIPHY A. Srivastav, T. Podgorski and G. Coupier Efficiency of size-dependent particle separation by pinched flow fractionation Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2012 13 697-701 A
LIPHY G. Coupier, A. Farutin, C. Minetti, T. Podgorski, C. Misbah Shape Diagram of Vesicles in Poiseuille Flow Phys. Rev. Lett 2012 108 178106 A
LIPHY V. Vitkova, A. Farutin, B. Polack, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski Erythrocyte dynamics in flow affects blood rheology J. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 2012 398 12027 A
LIPHY A. Srivastav, X. Grandchamp, G. Coupier and T. Podgorski, Shear-induced diffusion in a red blood cell suspension Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 2012 15 34-35 A
LIPHY G. Tomaiuolo, L. Lanotte, G. Ghigliotti, C. Misbah and C. Misbah, Red blood cell clustering in Poiseuille microcapillary flow Phys. Fluids 2012 24 51903 A
LIPHY A. Laadhari, P. Saramito and C. Misbah Vesicle tumbling inhibited by inertia Phys. Fluids 2012 24 31901 A
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LIPHY E. Maitre, C. Misbah, P. Peyla and A. Raoult Comparison between advected-field and level-set methods in the study of vesicle dynamics Physica D 2012 241 1146 A
LIPHY L. Lanotte, S. Guido, C. Misbah, P. Peyla, L. Bureau Flow reduction in microchannels coated with a polymer brush Langmuir 2012 28 13758 A
LIPHY P.Y. Gires, G. Danker and C. Misbah Hydrodynamic interaction between two vesicles in a linear shear flow: Asymptotic study Phys. Rev. E 2012 86 59901 A
LIPHY A. Farutin and C. Misbah Squaring, parity-breaking, and S-tumbling of vesicles under shear flow Phys. Rev. Lett 2012 109 248106 A
LIPHY Giovanni Ghigliotti, Hassib Selmi, Lassaad El Asmi, and Chaouqi Misbah Why and how does collective red blood cells motion occur in the blood microcirculation Phys. Fluids 2012 28 101901 A
LIPHY S. Biagi, C. Misbah and P. Politi Coarsening Scenarios in Unstable Crystal Growth Phys. Rev. Lett 2012 109 96101 A
PMMH W. Wang, A. Castro, M. Hoyos Autonomous motion of metallic micro-rods propelled by ultrasound ACSNano 2012 6 A
PMMH D. Bazou, A. Castro, M. Hoyos Controlled cell aggregation in a pulsed acoustic field Ultrasonics 2012 52 A
L2C S. Buzzaccaro, E. Secchi, G. Brambilla, R. Piazza, L. Cipelletti Equilibrium concentration profiles and sedimentation kinetics of colloidal gels under gravitational stress J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2012 24 284103 A
L2C E. Tamborini, L. Cipelletti Multiangle static and dynamic light scattering in the intermediate scattering angle range Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2012 83 093106 A
LFCR F. Croccolo, H. Bataller, F. Scheffold A light scattering study of non equilibrium fluctuations in liquid mixtures to measure the Soret and mass diffusion coefficient J. Chem. Phys. 2012 137 234202 A
LFCR P. Urteaga, M. M. Bou-Ali ,D. Alonso de Mezquia, J. Santamaría, C. Santamaría, J. A. Madariaga, H. Bataller , Measurement of thermodiffusion coefficient of hydrocarbon binary mixtures under pressure with the thermogravitational technique Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2012 83 74903 A
LGCB A. Tiwari, J.P. Fontaine, A. Kondjoyan Characterization of Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena for Water Vapour Condensation on a Solid Surface in an Abiotic Environment — Application to Bioprocesses. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2012 167 (5) 1132-1143