Publications 2013

Labo Auteurs Titre Journal / Editeur Année Volume Pages Type DOI
IM2NP A. Bogno, H. Nguyen-Thi, G. Reinhart, B. Billia, J. Baruchel Growth and interaction of dendritic equiaxed grains: In situ characterization by synchrotron X-ray radiography Acta Materialia 2013 61 1315
IM2NP G. Salloum Abou Jaoudé, G. Reinhart, H. Nguyen-Thi, H. Combeau, M. Založnik, T. Schenk, T. Lafford In situ experimental observation of the time evolution of a dendritic mushy zone in a fixed temperature gradient Comptes Rendus Mécanique 2013 341 421-428IM2NP
LPS L. Arriaga, D. Varade, D. Carriere, W. Drenckhan, D. Langevin Adsorption, Organization, and Rheology of Catanionic Layers at the Air/Water Interface Langmuir 2013 29 3214-3222 A10.1021
IUSTI F. Carle, D. Brutin How Surface Functional Groups Influence Fracturation in Nanofluid Droplet Dry-Outs Langmuir 2013 29 9962-9966 A
LOMC H. Yoshikawa, M.Tadie Fogaing, O. Crumeyrolle, I. Mutabazi Dielectrophoretic Rayleigh-Bénard convection under microgravity conditions Phys. Rev. E 2013 85 pp 043003 A
LOMC H. Yoshikawa, M.Tadie Fogaing, O. Crumeyrolle, I. Mutabazi, Dielectrophoretic force driven-convection in annular geometry Phys. Fluids 2013 25 pp 024106 A
IMRCP C. Antoine and V. Pimienta Mass-Spring Model of a Self-Pulsating Drop Langmuir 2013 39 14935-46 A
IMRCP É. Pópity-Tóth, V. Pimienta, D. Horváth and Á. Tóth Hydrodynamic instability in the open system of the iodate–arsenous acid reaction J. Chem. Phys. 2013 139 164707 A
LPS S. Aumaître, E. Falcon, S. Fauve Fluctuations of the Energy Flux in Wave Turbulence Advances in wave turbulence 2013 52-72 A
LPS B. Miquel, A. Alexakis, C. Josserand, N. Mordant Transition from wave turbulence to dynamical crumpling in vibrated elastic plates Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 111 54302 A
IRDL Z. Derhoumi, Ph. Mandin, H. Roustan and, R. Wuthrich Experimental investigation of two-phase electrolysis processes: comparison with or without gravity J Appl Electrochem 2013 43 1145–1161 A
PMMH G. Gandikota, S. Amiroudine, D. Chatain, T. Lyubimova, D. Beysens Rayleigh and parametric thermo-vibrational instabilities in supercritical fluids under weightlessness Phys. Fluids 2013 A
PMMH D. Chatain, C. Mariette, V. S. Nikolayev and D. Beysens Quench cooling under reduced gravity Phys. Rev. E 2013 88 013004 A
IM2NP N.Bergeon, D.Tourret, L.Chen, J.M.Debierre, R.Guerin, A.Ramirez, B.Billia, A.Karma, R.Trivedi Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Oscillatory Cellular Patterns in Three-Dimensional Directional Solidification Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 110 226102 A
IM2NP Bergeon, N., D. Tourret, L. Chen, J. M. Debierre, R. Guerin, A. Ramirez, B. Billia, A. Karma and R. Trivedi Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Oscillatory Cellular Patterns in Three-Dimensional Directional Solidification Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 110 226102 A
IM2NP Murphy, A. G., Reinhart, G., Nguyen-Thi, H., Abou Jaoude, G. S. & Browne, D. J. Meso-scale modelling of directional solidification and comparison with in situ X-ray radiographic observations made during the MASER-12 XRMON microgravity experiment Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2013 573 170-176 A
IM2NP Nguyen-Thi, H., G. Reinhart, G. S. Abou Jaoude, R. H. Mathiesen, G. Zimmermann, Y. Houltz, D. Voss, A. Verga, D. J. Browne and A. G. Murphy XRMON-GF: A novel facility for solidification of metallic alloys with in situ and time-resolved X-ray radiographic characterization in microgravity conditions J. Crystal Growth 2013 374 23-30 A
IM2NP Reinhart, G., C. A. Gandin, N. Mangelinck-Noel, H. Nguyen-Thi, J. E. Spinelli, J. Baruchel and B. Billia Influence of natural convection during upward directional solidification: A comparison between in situ X-ray radiography and direct simulation of the grain structure Acta Materialia 2013 61 4765-4777 A
IM2NP Wang, J., Z. Ren, Y. Fautrelle, X. Li, H. Nguyen-Thi, N. Mangelinck-Noel, G. S. Abou Jaoude, Y. Zhong, I. Kaldre and A. Bojarevics Modification of liquid/solid interface shape in directionally solidifying Al-Cu alloys by a transverse magnetic field Journal of Materials Science 2013 48 213-219 A
I2M G. Gandikota, S. Amiroudine, D. Chatain, T. Lyubimova, and D. Beysens Rayleigh and parametric thermo-vibrational instabilities in supercritical fluids under weightlessness Phys. Fluids 2013 25 064103 A
MADIREL Lekhlifi, A., Antoni, M. Simulation of interfacial properties and droplet hydrodynamic CRC Press 2013 - 221-253 O
SIMAP J. ETAY Electromagnetic Levitation – White-noise Measurement Protocol for Modulated Calorimetry J. Jpn. Soc. Microgravity Appl. 2013 30 50-55 A
PMC K. Nishikawa, Y. Fukunaka, E. Chassaing, M. Rosso Electrodeposition of metals in microgravity conditions Electrochimica Acta 2013 100 342-349 A
NAVIER M. Kogan, L. Ducloue, J. Goyon, O. Pitois, G. Ovarlez Mixtures of foam and paste: suspensions of bubbles in yield stress fluids Rheologica Acta 2013 52 237-253 A
IRPHE/M2P2 G. Boedec, M. Jaeger, M. Leonetti Sedimentation-induced te- ther on a settling vesicle Phys. Rev. E 2013 88 10702 A
PMC J. Valloton, J. A. Dantzig, M. Plapp, M. Rappaz Modeling of peritectic coupled growth in Cu-Sn alloys Acta Materialia 2013 61 5549-5560 A
SIMAP B. Gallien, L. Sylla, M. Bengulescu, F. Barvinschi and T. Duffar Study of crystal-crucible detachment: GaSb in SiO2 Cryst. Eng. Comm 2013 15 2329-2336 A
LPSolide S. Heitkam, Y. Yoshitake, F. Toquet, D. Langevin, and A. Salonen Speeding up of Sedimentation under Confinement Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 110 178302 A
CEA Chatain, D., Mariette, C., Nikolayev, V.S. and Beysens, D. Quench cooling under reduced gravity Phys. Rev. E 2013 88 13004 A
CEA Janecek, V., Andreotti, B., Prazák, D., Bárta, T. and Nikolayev, V.S. Moving contact line of a volatile fluid Phys. Rev. E 2013 88 60404 A
CEA Janecek, V. and Nikolayev, V.S. Apparent-contact-angle model at partial wetting and evaporation: Impact of surface forces Phys. Rev. E 2013 87 12404 A
INSP M. Perrut, S. Bottin-Rousseau, G. Faivre, S. Akamatsu Dynamic instabilities of rod-like eutectic growth patterns: A real-time study Acta Materialia 2013 61 6802-6808 A
LIPHY M. Nicoli, C. Misbah and P. Politi Coarsening dynamics in one dimension: The phase diffusion equation and its numerical implementation Phys. Rev. E 2013 87 63302 A
LIPHY Karin John, Denis Caillerie, Philippe Peyla, Annie Raoult, and Chaouqi Misbah Phys. Rev. E 2013 87 42721 A
LIPHY A. Farutin, S. Rafai, D. Dyshte, A. Duperray, P. Peyla, and C. Misbah Amoeboid Swimming: A Generic Self-Propulsion of Cells in Fluids by Means of Membrane Deformations Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 111 228102 A
LIPHY C. Misbah and C. Wagner Living Fluids Comptes Rendu Phys. 2013 14 447 A
LIPHY P. Vlahovska, D. Barthèse-Biesel and C. Misbah Flow dynamics of red blood cells and their biomimetic counterparts Comptes Rendu Phys. 2013 14 451 A
LIPHY A. Farutin and C. Misbah Analytical and numerical study of three main migration laws relevant to blood flow Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 110 108104 A
LIPHY N. Tahiri, T. Biben, H. Ez-Zahraouy, A. Benyoussef , and C. Misbah On the Problem of Slipper Shapes of Red Blood Cells in the Microvasculature Macrovasc.Res. 2013 85 40 A
LIPHY X. Grandchamp, G. Coupier, A. Srivastav, C. Minetti and T. Podgorski Lift and down-gradient shear-induced diffusion in red blood cell suspensions Phys. Rev. Lett 2013 110 108101 A
PMMH S Ahmed W Wang, L O. Mair,_ Steering Acoustically Propelled Nanowire Motors toward Langmuir 2013 29 A
PMMH M. Hoyos, A. Castro Controlling the acoustic streaming by pulsed ultrasound Ultrasonics 2013 53 A
L2C L. Cipelletti, G. Brambilla, S. Maccarrone, S. Caroff Simultaneous measurement of the microscopic dynamics and the mesoscopic displacement field in soft systems by speckle imaging Optics Express 2013 21 22353 A
LFCR H. Jawad, H. Bataller, M.Z. Saghir Thermodiffusion effect for a non-associating mixture in a multi-layered system of porous media and fluid layers heated from above Can. J. Chem. Eng. 2013 91 1702 A
LFCR F. Croccolo, F. Scheffold, H. Bataller Mass transport properties of the tetrahydronaphthalene/ndodecane mixture measured by investigating non equilibrium fluctuations C.R. Mec. 2013 341 378 A
LFCR C. Giraudet, F. Croccolo, G. Galliero, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, S. Van Vaerenbergh, M.Z. Saghir, F. Montel, H. Bataller Thermodiffusion of the Tetrahydronaphtalene and Dodecane mixture under high pressure and in porous medium C.R. Mec. 2013 341 340 A